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SJCam SJ9 Strike

March 3, 2020Category : Blog Photography Videography
SJCam SJ9 Strike

Go a new action cam not too long ago. It’s the SJCam SJ 9 Strike.

Some people aren’t that crazy about it, but it works for me. Maybe the SJ10 is better, but it’s not out yet. I must admit, that the sound is plain awful.

I got it because it’s small and can record discretely. My intention is to record reference for locations and architecture for research. I’m planning on getting a 360 camera at some point to do the same thing. Now that the Insta360 One R is out, I will probably get that one.

I’m approaching my story from the mindset that I need reference of locations in order to draw them. It’s hard to mentally photograph the minutiae of food and table settings. I’ve always hated drawing and illustrating food, but I enjoy taking pictures of a beautifully presented meal.

That all said, I want to be able to have enough information so that I can draw environments in perspective. I intend to visit places and locations that have similarities to places in my story. I realize not every environment has to be precise, I just need enough information to compose it convincingly.

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