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Story Circle Template

March 24, 2020Category : Blog Uncategorized

Here are those story template PDF”s that I promised you guys a while back. I got busy and was doing some travelling so I got side tracked. In a nutshell, I like to think things through, visually, with diagrams so I made these so that it would be easier for me. I’m only posting them..

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SJCam SJ9 Strike

March 3, 2020Category : Blog Photography Videography

Go a new action cam not too long ago. It’s the SJCam SJ 9 Strike. Some people aren’t that crazy about it, but it works for me. Maybe the SJ10 is better, but it’s not out yet. I must admit, that the sound is plain awful. I got it because it’s small and can record..

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One Site Down

February 22, 2020Category : Blog

For the most part, this site is done. I’ve updated the look and feel as well as added bells and whistles. It actually looks better than my site does now. That one is next for a facelift. I’m quite happy with these templates. I must say WordPress has really improved. It’s been a about..

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